AS4801 Consulting – How Safe are You?

All businesses (person conducting a business or undertaking) are required to implement and enforce a safe system of work to ensure that workers are not injured while at work.

The best method to avoid prosecution is to establish and maintain a Safety Management System in accordance with AS4801 which is the Australian Standard for safety management systems.

At AS4801.com our firm provides the best in OHS consulting. Our courses are designed to improve your firm’s risk management and to reduce the probability of you suffering avoidable lawsuits. We do this by properly training all your workers in OHS standards. At AS4801.com our aim is to help you achieve best practice at your company, as well as saving you money. Our training methods have proven results. Our Safety Behaviour Assessment and ½ day training sessions have been shown to reduce personal incidents by 20-50% and save your company a massive $76,000 per 100 workers.

AS4801.com specialises in a range of services including hazard identification, risk management, OHS and auditing. Our auditing services cover both AS4801 and AS4084 OHS audits. We keep up to date with any changes in auditing policy or law, and only incorporate the latest standards and techniques into our auditing services.

The secret to our success lies with our highly trained team of consultants who have over 25 years’ experience of OHS auditing. Whether you are simply looking to comply with relevant law, or achieve the best practice possible for your firm, AS4801.com will be able to help you. For companies looking to avoid unnecessary lawsuits, our OHS audits will identify any problem areas you may need to correct. We also have specialist consultants recognised by the court as Expert Witnesses in relation to any workplace incidents.

Having a properly audited safety system is the key to fulfilling your duty of care and legal obligations. However, there is more you can do to reduce potential risks. AS4801.com knows that some workers are more likely to engage in unsafe work. We believe one of the methods to reduce risk is to simply understand you most important assets: your workers. By reducing accidents and chance of injury you can save your business money from insurance premiums, as well as saving workers pain and stress from avoidable accidents. As a PQC accredited auditor, our OHS firm is well-placed to conduct relevant safety tests to uncover any weak links in your safety chain and address them accordingly.

AS4801.com is the leading provider of all your OHS and workplace health and safety (WHS) needs. We strive to help you deliver best practice at your firm. You can trust us with all your audit-related needs. The huge range of satisfied national and multinational companies we have provided our services for show we have the experience and knowledge to ensure your business is meeting its obligations.

AS4801.com.au is a leading provider of OHS and workplace health and safety (WHS) solutions. We deliver best practice through our team of professional consultants, trainers and educators.

Our clients are assured of high quality, tailored consulting and audit services from our dedicated team of consultants. The services we provide are tailored to meet the organisation’s specific needs and incorporate the latest standards and techniques.

Our consultants have expertise in:

  • Small, Medium and Large Business requirements
  • Construction (Rail, Civil and General)
  • PQC auditing for contractor prequalification
  • Transport and Warehousing
  • Emergency Planning and Management
  • Government Contracts and Services
  • Traffic Management and Traffic Control
  • Fatigue Management and Health Surveillance

Our Principal Consultant was one of the first OH&S Consultants to be accredited by State Government in December 2003 as a PQC Auditor for auditing Workplace Health & Safety under the prequalification system for Government contractors.

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